Compensation is the primary reward employees receive in return for their on-the-job performance. Compensation constructs include base salary and all financial and non-financial benefits that an employee has an opportunity to receive. Effective compensation systems will take into account pay equity, and include carefully designed incentive structures that reward and recognize employees who perform.


The ENGAGE HR™ team has worked with many organizations to develop and understand their compensation philosophy and create structures that are sustainable for their bottom line over the longer term. Aligned, reward and recognition programs are a key component that works to tie employee behaviour and their subsequent performance and reward to measurable business results. Our experienced team provides compensation consulting services tailored to organizations of all sizes. ENGAGE HR™ supports the design and implementation of workable, balanced and well governed compensation strategies.


  • Surveys and Benchmarking
  • Job Evaluations / Job Analysis
  • Pay Equity
  • Benefits Structuring / Sourcing
  • Salary Reviews
  • Incentive pay design
  • Performance management system integration



  • Improved attraction and retention of top talent – Market competitiveness is achieved by leveraging both customized and benchmarked salary survey reports
  • Increased employee satisfaction through equitable internal comparative analysis – Internal relationships are enhanced by implementing job evaluation methodologies to ensure that positions of similar value are compensated equitably
  • Enhanced performance and compliance by aligning corporate and individual objectives – Enhanced performance is achieved by implementing relevant, practical and customized performance-based variable or incentive pay systems


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