Employee Relations

Good employee relations reduces turnover and increases productivity, teamwork, collaboration, and employee loyalty.


ENGAGE HR™  focuses on promoting good management practices and workplace behaviors, positive working environment and relationships, and on complying with Human Resources Policies and Procedures to assist individuals and departments to work through problems and differences to make the work environment more positive, enjoyable and less stressful.


Workplace Audits

A workplace audit, which examines all of your Human Resources practices, provides you with a roadmap for correcting workplace issues and also examines applicable employment laws as you grow your organization.


Policies and Procedures

A well-written Employee Handbook consistently communicates your policies and procedures as well as the philosophy of the company to management and employees. The Handbook is supported by designing a Code of Conduct which builds on the Culture of your organization. Creating a positive work environment by assisting employees in understanding policies and in effectively using internal procedures.


Conflict Resolution

Successful conflict resolution early on helps your company avoid substantial losses in turnover, litigation fees and damages, absenteeism, costs of workers’ compensation and loss of productivity.


Employee Support and Counseling

Employees often share their feelings with a third party more readily than with their management team. ENGAGE HR™ plays the role of facilitator, listening and mediating issues, allowing employees to craft solutions to real or perceived problems.


Workplace Investigations

It is the employer’s responsibility to fully investigate any allegations of harassment or discrimination. As a third party, ENGAGE HR™ conducts fair and impartial investigations. We work hand-in-hand with Human Resources and legal departments when needed. Our comprehensive final investigation reports include background information, summaries of interviews, findings, and recommendations.


Incentive Programs

Maintaining employee morale is important, especially in difficult economic times. Incentive programs are an excellent way to retain talented employees, and the increased productivity and decreased turnover they create actually save employer’s money. It is also important to compare your incentive plan with those of your competitors. Do you offer incentive plans? If so, what do you include? We assist you in determining the best incentive programs for your company and your employees.


Employee Recognition Programs

ENGAGE HR™ can help provide simple and cost-effective solutions to show appreciation and help build strong, lasting relationships with employees. The right combination of rewards, recognition, and incentives are the best way to help organizations motivate employees and inspire the “right” performance.


Taking the wrong action can hurt morale and disrupt productivity, and it can even expose your organization to costly legal actions where nobody wins.


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