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We offer a full suite of comprehensive services to support your human resources needs.Click on a practice area below for more details of the products and services we offer.

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360 Degree Feedback Program

The 360 Degree Feedback Program involves participants (generally senior or soon to be senior leaders) partaking in the 360 Degree Survey on our dedicated and proprietary ENGAGE HR™ 360 Survey Site, creating a Personal Development Plan based on self and external feedback with one of our experienced consultants, and engaging in Ongoing Coaching Sessions aimed at discussing work-related behaviours, relationships and performance opportunities.


Career Transition

ENGAGE HR has programs suitable for all levels of employees, ranging from entry level to senior management. This program includes useful tools, assessments and personal counseling with a designated ENGAGE HR™ Career Counselor.


Change Management

Change Management is key to making sure preferred outcomes happen with solid adoption. An effective Change Management approach can bring the right resources, people and process together to capitalize on benefits of change.


Diversity Management and Training

Cultural transformation requires an adapted development journey allowing a profound transformation of the corporate culture and collective behaviours. Our process analyzes stakeholders’ vision and needs, enables the design of programs and its implementation in cooperation with employees.


Employee Engagement Surveys

The ENGAGE HR’s Employee Engagement Survey (EES) links Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance from the top eight (8) drivers based on Conference Board research.


HR Consulting Services

Whether a client needs ENGAGE HR™ to develop a solution from scratch, or tailor one of our program offerings to their specific needs, we partner with them to ensure they receive the service and deliverables to achieve their unique goals.


Job Evaluations

The process of job evaluation contains several phases of work to ensure knowledge is transferred to clients with respect to program application and maintenance. There are several evaluation or rating options available for consideration, each with its own merits in terms of efficiency, resource requirements and objectivity. Our solutions range from our standard and developed Job Evaluation System to completely customized approaches.


Pay Equity

Our consultants have in depth experience in evaluating the compliance status of organizations in both the private and public sectors. We have assisted employers in updating and developing pay equity plans for both non-unionized and unionized employee groups.


Policies and Procedures

ENGAGE HR™ offers expertise in creating and revising human resources policies and procedures that comply with relevant laws and regulations thus protecting an organization from incurring liability and lawsuits. From individual policies to a full employee handbook, ENGAGE HR can help.


Recruitment Management Program

The Recruitment Management Program (RMP) is a customizable recruitment service from ENGAGE HR. You receive the expertise needed to make your organization’s recruitment a success, without the cost or risks of a full-fledged recruitment firm or having to do it yourself.


Role Clarity / Job Descriptions

Poorly defined or conflicted roles in organizations can be a stressor for workers. Poor role definition arises from a lack of clarity in workers objectives, key accountabilities, their co-workers’ expectations of them and the overall scope or responsibilities of their job.


Strategy and Action Planning

Strategy and Action planning supports organizations to set its purpose, mission, vision, values, product and human resources plan to guide and clarify management objectives in today’s constantly changing environment.


Succession Planning

Effectively defining the requirements of future leaders requires a clear sense of an organization’s strategic direction. Even when the requirements seem clear, many organizations struggle to successfully assess talent against the competencies and capabilities needed to achieve desired business goals. All too often, organizations face challengers in leadership without a clear plan to support succession.


Workplace Investigations

ENGAGE HR™ specializes in workplace issues and investigations. We conduct an independent workplace investigation with fairness and integrity, and have been retained to conduct impartial workplace investigations across Canada, in both English and French.

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