360 Degree Feedback Program

ENGAGE HR™ assists individuals in recognizing strengths and addressing areas for improvement in a supportive coaching environment. The 360 Degree Feedback Program involves participants (generally senior or soon to be senior leaders) partaking in the 360 Degree Survey on our dedicated and proprietary ENGAGE HR 360 Survey Site, creating a Personal Development Plan based on self and external feedback with one of our experienced consultants, and engaging in Ongoing Coaching Sessions aimed at discussing work-related behaviours, relationships and performance opportunities.


  • 360 Degree Survey

    • From Peers, Direct Reports, and Leaders or Key Clients
    • Conducted on the dedicated and proprietary ENGAGE HR™ 360 Survey Site
    • Customized Analysis and Comparative Reporting
  • Personal Development Plan

    • Up to 4 Hours of personal consulting support to develop a plan
    • Draft and revisions to the written plan
  • Ongoing Coaching Sessions

    • Support and monitoring
    • Generally split into 12 half-hour sessions, or 6 one-hour sessions
  • Third Party Advisor

    • Up to 4 hours of consulting over 12 weeks


Better Understanding

Actions impact the organization, intended or otherwise, and work-related relationships within and outside the organization, matter greatly. We encourage several team members to engage in the process to foster an environment where participants can receive timely and supportive feedback with greater insights.


Third Party Advisor

We provide an unbiased, outside perspective for leaders to confer, seek advice and receive insights with regards to their behaviours, particularly as it relates to work and work-related relationships.  These relationships will likely include the management team, peers and staff.  In some circumstances, this may also include additional partners of the organization, and in some cases, key clients. This advice will include discussing work-related behaviour, performance, interactions, assumptions and the provision of appropriate, expertly-delivered feedback.


Assessing Progress

When the 360 Degree Feedback Program is continued over multiple months, and even years, extensive value can be realized.  As partners in the process, ENGAGE HR assists in recognizing achievements and areas for improvement over time and continues to aid in assessment with metrics relating back to the individual’s Personal Development Plan.


Contact us to discuss how the 360 Degree Feedback program can be of benefit to your organization.

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