Career Transition

ENGAGE HR has been providing independent consulting and career transition services for over ten years. ENGAGE HR provides the support of a Human Resources Professional who will help navigate the emotional challenges that accompany a job change. Our Career Counsellor will be there to help guide through each step of the career transition: skills-assessment, coaching, target company research, resume/on-line profile development, networking, interviewing, and negotiating an offer for a new position.


ENGAGE HR has programs suitable for all levels of employees, ranging from entry level to senior management. This program includes useful tools, assessments and personal counselling with a designated ENGAGE HR™ Career Counsellor.


Career Transition Program

  • Assess skills, personal interests, abilities and motivations to design the most effective road map and set milestones to achieve career objectives.
  • Provide one-to-one coaching while going through this challenging transition.
  • Develop a career plan and job search strategy to help achieve objectives.
  • Assist in resume building, cover letter writing and coach on techniques to ensure that preparation to impress at an interview, or interview panel session.
  • Offer tips on how to develop and establish personal professional networks.
  • Help negotiate a fair and competitive job offer that meets expected needs.


Our Career Counsellor will assist in finding and be prepared the next job.  We are here to help.


Career Transition Services can be sponsored by a former employer to help alleviate the impact of a termination, or purchased directly by someone leaving employment.


For more information on your career transition needs, please contact us anytime.

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