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ENGAGE HR™ is one of only a few accredited service providers in Canada to make full use of Hofstede Insights tools and methods.


Cultural transformation requires an adapted development journey allowing a profound transformation of the corporate culture and collective behaviours. Hofstede Insights (Hofstede) analyzes stakeholders’ vision and needs, enables the design of programs and its implementation in cooperation with employees.


The original model of Hofstede was the outcome of factor analysis done on a global survey of the value system of employees at IBM. This theory was one of the initial ones which could quantify cultural differences.


Today Hofstede’s work serves as the basis for other research in cross-cultural psychology, inviting a number of researchers to study different aspects of international business and communication. Six cultural dimensions founded by Hofstede illustrate the deeply embedded values of diverse cultures. These values impact not only how people with different cultural backgrounds behave, but also the manner in which they will potentially behave when placed in a work-associated context.


Cultural Dimensions

Power Distance

This dimension explains the extent to which members who are less powerful accept and also expect that the distribution of power takes place unequally.

Uncertainty Avoidance

It is a dimension that describes the extent to which people are not at ease with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Individualism vs. Collectivism

The focus of this dimension is on the question regarding whether people have a preference for being left alone to look after themselves or want to remain in a closely knitted network.

Masculinity vs. Femininity

Masculinity implies a preference for assertiveness, heroism, achievement and material reward for attaining success. On the contrary, femininity represents a preference for modesty, cooperation, quality of life and caring for the weak.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Orientation

Long-term orientation describes the inclination toward searching for virtue. Short-term orientation pertains to those that are strongly inclined toward the establishment of the absolute truth.

Indulgence vs. Restraint

This revolves around the degree to which people can exercise control over their impulses and desires.

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