Employee Engagement Surveys

The ENGAGE HR’s Employee Engagement Survey (EES) links Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance from the top eight (8) drivers based on Conference Board research.


  • Engagement helps increase customer retention
  • Regular employee feedback can reduce staff turnover
  • Engaged employees are less likely to change jobs
  • Engaged employees exhibit above-average productivity more often
  • Engagement can help save your organization real money with a reduction of sick days per employee


Key Benefits

  • Provides insight into the mood and culture of an organization
  • Delivers understanding of employees emotions
  • Accesses information about current employee engagement levels
  • Improves engagement and helps retain valuable employees
  • Fosters commitment to the organization
  • Increases productivity and efficiency through higher engagement
  • Lowers long term operational costs


EES Program
  • Fully owned, in-house, survey system
  • Confidentiality ensured
  • Technological reliability and online accessibility
  • Backed by a robust HR and technology team
  • Supports action planning initiatives
  • Survey administration included
  • Analysis and Recommendations Report included
  • Includes a management review and presentation
    • Up to 2 hours by phone
    • Subject to travel and mileage fees if on-site


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