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  • Crisis Survival Strategies
  • Layoffs and ROE Questions
  • Work from Home Problems
  • Onboarding Temporary Workers
  • Job Sharing Complexities


Helpdesk – Only $99 for the first hour!

If you only have one or two questions, feel free to contact us and get the right answers. We bill in quarter hour increments, making it affordable for all circumstances, even simply getting confirmation that what you are doing is correct.


  • Register with us – it only takes 2 minutes or less.
  • Send your question to us by email or the online form and submit payment via Interac e-transfer
  • We endeavour to reply to all questions within 2 business days, but as we have consultants in multiple time zones, it is usually only a few hours.


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If you need ongoing assistance after being set up, you can simply call our toll-free information number at 1-877-347-7411 and use extension 240, or send us an email. Emails are staffed around the clock Monday to Friday.


The $99 offer is plus HST, and can be used in quarter hour increments over 90 days. You may renew this offer every month for up to 6 months. Additional time will be at our regular rates as per the client agreement.


HR Consulting

Through our many years of HR experience, we are able to help you find the answers to many questions that you may have never had before. From ROE complexities, EI and commissions, layoffs, temporary hiring solutions, to restructuring and maintaining organizational culture, we can offer effective and productive solutions. When you have larger issues, let us know what they are, and if you have a budget in mind. We would be happy to work with you to find out how we can help.



ENGAGE HR™ has developed four training modules tailored to small and medium sized organizations to help navigate a clearer path, alleviate some fear, support employees and organizations, raise productively, and help people managers manage effectively.


In consideration of the current situation, all training modules have reduced pricing from 24-40% off of our regular training rates.


We are able to deliver these live online modules within short notice. They can be delivered individually, or, as part of a series with co-branding if you desire. All training is delivered online by an experienced trainer with content from credible sources.



If you wish to distribute these products to your members or clients via internal newsletters or emails, we will provide you with a code that can be used to receive a further 5% discount to your members or clients, and another 5% of the net amount will then either be made to your organization, or to a non-profit charity of your choosing.


Owner Success – 120 min.

  • AUDIENCE: Owners & Senior Managers
    • Workforce Planning
        • Supply and demand balancing
    • Listing and weighting options
    • Economic Response Items
      • Wage Subsidy Overview
    • Laying Off Properly
        • Benefits continuation assessment
        • On-going support
        • Return Planning
    • New information regarding EI
    • Managing Performance at a Distance
      • Measuring Outputs


Workplace Success – 90 min.

  • AUDIENCE: Company Wide
    • Maintaining a safe workplace
    • Social Distancing
    • Capitalizing on Digital Solutions
      • Remote meetings
      • Planning time
      • Respecting other’s planning / time while communicating remotely



Employee Success – 90 min.

  • AUDIENCE: Employees Continuing to Work
    • Keeping Motivated
    • Team Morale
    • Relationship Management
    • Maintaining Focus
    • Communication techniques
    • Maintaining and displaying positive performance


Workforce Reduction Success – 90 min.

  • AUDIENCE: Employees about to be or recently laid off
    • Being laid-off
    • What to expect – Yourself/Others
    • Accessing / Applying for EI
    • General overview of what to expect
    • Communication
    • Benefits
    • Ongoing Support
    • Return Provisions



Simply contact us with any questions or to schedule the training.


  • Full Suite of HR Services
  • Organizations of All Sizes
  • Range of Sectors
  • Affordable
  • Easy Access
  • Customized Solutions
  • Quality HR Advice
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