Policies and Procedures

Human Resources policies and procedures provide guidelines on employer-employee relationships, which convey information on acceptable norms of behaviour, work schedules, health and safety measures, employment laws, conflict resolution and disciplinary measures. Policies on employee rights, duties and responsibilities create a suitable working environment and promote healthy workplace interactions.


ENGAGE HR™ offers expertise in creating and revising human resources policies and procedures that comply with relevant laws and regulations thus protecting an organization from incurring liability and lawsuits. HR policies and procedures provide reference material for employees in relation to employment matters in the organization, which streamlines the workflow in an organization. Consistent application of the policies and procedures articulates the principles of the organization to the employees and other stakeholders.


Clearly outlining business practices and the requirements of employees and the organization provides clarity and protects your organization as you continue to grow. We also ensure that your company is following proper hr policies to remain in compliance with provincial and federal regulations.


ENGAGE HR™ will assess where you are as an organization as you may already have some documentation in place and what needs to be added and amended. Our Consultants will devise and implement up-to-date human resources policies, and offer expertise to create and/or revise hr policies to fit the unique needs and culture of your organization.


ENGAGE HR™ has developed a comprehensive library of legislatively compliant policies and procedures that are customizable, enabling you to maintain your unique corporate culture while ensuring compliance with employment standards and legislative requirements.


ENGAGE HR™ offers a wide range of resources, from individual policies to creating a complete Human Resource manual and we deliver:

  • Policies and practices which can be communicated in a professional and easy to read document
  • Training and communication for all employees to understand how policies affect their employment
  • A documented method of maintaining fair and consistent treatment for all employees
  • An agreement between the employees and the organization that everyone understands their rights and fully aware of the organizational policies in the event of a complaint of discrimination or harassment


Feel free to contact us for a review of you current policy and procedures and to discuss your needs.


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