Recruitment Management Program

The Recruitment Management Program (RMP) is a customizable recruitment service from ENGAGE HR. You receive the expertise needed to make your organization’s recruitment a success, without the cost or risks of a full-fledged recruitment firm or having to do it yourself.


Hiring the wrong person can be detrimental to the health of the organization. Hiring and retaining the right people is an important driver of competitive advantage and helps a company achieve its goals.

Recruitment Process

Pick the services you need:

  • Review / Discuss Role
  • Role Definition
  • Review / Revise Professional Job Description
  • Establish Selection Criteria
  • Sourcing Strategy / Recommendations
  • Recruitment Posting Creation
  • Placement of Recruitment Ads / Postings
  • Resume Collection and Initial Screening
  • Resume Short-list and Debrief
  • Telephone Screening
  • Initial Interviews (Telephone or On-site)
  • Interview Short-list Creation / Debrief
  • Coordination of Final Interviews
  • Candidate Background Checks
  • Candidate Assessments
  • Reference Checks
  • Hiring Decision Facilitation / Support
  • Offer Of Employment Draft
  • Salary Negotiation and Finalization of Hire
  • On-boarding Support


Unlike a recruiting firm, ENGAGE HR is your partner in the hiring process. We have the people, the resources and the tools to help ensure you put the right people, in the right roles, to achieve organizational goals.


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