Succession Planning

Effectively defining the requirements of future leaders requires a clear sense of an organization’s strategic direction. Even when the requirements seem clear, many organizations struggle to successfully assess talent against the competencies and capabilities needed to achieve desired business goals. All too often, organizations face challengers in leadership without a clear plan to support succession.


Our approach to succession planning draws on our overall strategy for building leadership capacity. Our Consultants have developed effective succession planning approaches and methods through our experience with a wide variety of organizations. ENGAGE HR™ enables organizations to proactively identify and develop what leaders require today and for the future.


  • Clarifying your organization’s strategic direction
  • Identifying the leadership requirements to execute your strategy
  • Creating a formal process for assessing and identifying gaps in your leadership structure and talent pool
  • Devising targeted plans to support the development of high potential leaders
  • Developing the policies and practices needed to sustain a culture that supports the desired leadership behaviours
  • Identifying the approach for ongoing evaluation and re-calibration


ENGAGE HR can help your organization develop a dynamic plan to ensure ongoing readiness for succession and greater engagement among its high-potential leaders as they pursue a common strategic direction.


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