Performance requires productivity. To manage and maintain a productive workforce, employees must be in positions that are best suited for their current knowledge, skills and abilities, and demonstrated levels of efficiency and effectiveness. People Managers must be tasked to monitor and ‘calibrate’ performance on a routine basis to keep a pulse on productivity and to identify opportunities where improvements can be made.


Performance management allows organizations to involve its employees, as individuals and as part of a group, in improving organizational effectiveness, as well as letting employees work to accomplish the organization’s vision and strategy.


  • Performance Management Systems
  • Leadership Interventions, Coaching and Training
  • Succession Planning Strategies and Programs
  • Career Advisory Support


Our Consultants will help you make decisions to run your business, provide leadership, review results and diagnose problems, and set goals and expectations. Our team helps ensure alignment, create tiered metrics, define root causes of financial performance, tie customer measures to need, employ performance monitoring and management, and understand limits.


We begin by developing a thorough understanding of enterprise direction—its vision and strategy, scorecard dimensions, and key performance indicators. Next, we develop organizational and departmental critical success factors and key performance indicators. From there, we design and implement data capture and reporting mechanisms and help you begin balanced scorecard reporting. We also identify target performance levels for each indicator that provide direct and real-time feedback and conduct root-cause analysis on areas that are performing at lower expectations.


As performance management consultants, we help you create position descriptions for your employees that provide clear insight into their responsibilities and expectations. We help you create a simple, objective way to offer feedback to employees. Our team will guide employees to explore their potential and their strengths as well as finding specific ways to make improvements. Finally, we guide organizations in ensuring performance is evaluated consistently and fairly organization-wide.


ENGAGE HR has a long history of working with Senior Leaders to develop and implement performance management processes into the work environment. At the onset, and as required thereafter, ENGAGE HR provides personalized coaching to People Managers in order to ensure they understand the tools and resources that are provided to them, and to help develop their capabilities to have ‘difficult conversations’ when required.


A well-established performance management program provides the foundation necessary for you to achieve your vision and strategy. Contact us to see how ENGAGE HR CAN help you build a solid performance management foundation.




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